India using chemical weapons in Occupied Kashmir: Mashal Malik

ISLAMABAD:      Mishal Malik, wife of Hurriayat leader Yasin Malik has disclosed India is using chemical weapons in Occupied Kashmir.

She said 18 days have passed following the imposition of curfew in Indian held Kashmir. Food and medicines are not being provided to people. Even small children are being kidnapped in Occupied valley.

She held Modi Sarkar has given not an iota of imprtance to Kashmiris. Chemical weapons of diffrent sorts are being used in occupied valley.

She underlined the responsibility for resolving Kashmir issue rests with US

The countries included in UN Security Council are responsible for addressing Kashmir conundrum.

She warned if any conflict arises then it will engulf the entire world. If issue is not sorted out then the conflict can lead to eruption of a nucealr war.

A terrifoc silence prevails every where in OCCUPIED Kashmir. Plan of a massacre in Occupied Kashmir is being evolved. World should stop India from indulging in a blood shed in Occupied Kashmir, she added.

She cautioned that situation is worst in Indian Held Kashmir due to red alert.

No law is in place in Occupied Kashmir, she said adding only sham elections are conducted therein.

Occupied valley has been convered into a cantonment, she stated.

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