Religious scholars ensured their support to Police during Muharram


Staff Reporter,

RAWALPINDI: The eminent religious personalities and scholars of Rawalpindi belonging to all school of thoughts announced their full support for the promotion of sectarian harmony, consolidation of peacefully serene environment and the rule of law during the month of Muharram Ul-Haram.

The CPO Rawalpindi Muhammad Faisal Rana announces to set up a peace-committee consisting of the representatives of the religious scholars of Rawalpindi and SSP Investigation Rawalpindi Mohammad Faisal, the peace- committee will convene every month, he said.

The peace walk will be taken out by the scholars on the August 30 this month; important decisions were taken at the District Peace Committee’s meeting regarding the arrangements and administration during the month of Muharram Ul-Haram.

According to spokesperson, the CPO DIG Mohammad Faisal Rana has a complete focus on the security arrangements of Muharram Ul-Haram these days. The District Peace Committee meeting was held on Wednesday at the conference room of the CPO Office, soon after holding six consecutive meetings of the Police Officers regarding Muharram security arrangements, over the past one week; In which all the scholars from all every school of thought, members of the association of the traders as well as police officers were present in attendance.

The meeting was a historic one being hosted by the Rawalpindi Police, due to the presence of personalities belonging to the religious, social and business communities.

While addressing the meeting, prominent religious scholar Allama Izhar Bukhari said that; peace and unity are needed more by us than the police, the peaceful scholars of Rawalpindi have always taken practical steps for maintenance of peace and sectarian harmony in the district, instead of resorting to mere verbal expressions.

Addressing the meeting, distinguished scholar Hafiz Iqbal Rizvi said that, the religious scholars of Rawalpindi will take the peace walk out from the Jama Masjid to the ancient Imam Bargain on August 30, 2019 to prove that; the Police and the religious fraternity of Rawalpindi always stole a march on the miscreants and anti-law elements, with regards to peace and harmony for the entire year including Muharram Ul-Haram, being part and parcel to each other.

Representing the Shia Community, Allama Tahir Hussain Kazmi said that, the Shia community is lawful and peace-loving, during the Muharram in Rawalpindi, all schools of thought celebrate and commemorate the sorrow of the Nawasa E Rasool, under the ideal religious devotion. There is no discrimination of Shia or Sunni here in Rawalpindi, we assure that all programs of the Muharram will be held under the complete adherence to the law, we have not given anyone the opportunity to complain in the past neither we will give the same in the future.

On the occasion, the CPO Rawalpindi Mohammad Faisal Rana said that, any miscreant activity during the month of Muharram Ul-Haram can lead to the fulfillment of our enemy’s evil design; the scholars, the businessmen, the religious figures and the Police are one, were the one and one we are, we ought not to allow even the minor spread of hatred, violence, and sectarian disturbance during the month of Muharram, at any cost.

He added, In the Muharram Ul-Haram, the error of the moment is transformed into the punishment of the centuries, there is a clear, overt and unequivocal policy that in Muharram al-Haram there will be only peace, unity, and solidarity; the formula of don’t give up your belief and don’t interrupt the other’s everyone will have to follow and the formula aforementioned will be implemented by the law itself through the legitimate legal power it has, said the CPO Rawalpindi.

The CPO Rawalpindi Mohammad Faisal Rana further said that the Rawalpindi police are awake and agile; the legitimate people, the religious scholars and respected businessmen here should believe that no law violation will be allowed here in Rawalpindi during the sacred month of Muharram, he expressed his unflinching resolve.

He said that a committee headed by SSP Investigation is being formed to address the concerns and complaints of the religious scholars, as they are our leaders who will be given the befitting respect they deserve.