Pak-EPA employee asked to submit verified testing report of SDR

Shehzad Yousafzai,

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Climate Change (MOCC) asked the Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) employee who has invented Smoke Density Reduction (SDR) for brick kilns’ smoke control to submit the verified testing report so that it can be considered for further promotion.

The Pak-EPA employee namely Sajid Mahmood informed Parliament Times, that he had invented a device named “Smoke Density Reduction (SDR)” device in 2010 to control the Pollution of Brick kilns but despite multiple requests the Pak-EPA did not consider his device due to some personal issues and preferred to import foreign technology which is 100 times more expensive and less efficient than his device SDR.

He added that the SDR total cost along with installation not more than 0.1 million and foreign imported technology cost is 30 million which is not feasible for brick kiln owners.

He maintained, finally he contacted the ministry of climate change and ministry’ s team of engineers working on brick kilns project examined his SDR device in detail and requested him to submit the verified testing report of his SDR device, so that they can further consider for the promotion of this device. He had submitted the required report which was prepared after first testing of this device.

Sajid Mahmood is resident of Rawalpindi and is serving as Laboratory Assistant in Pak-EPA Islamabad. He claims that, with his SDR device, the brick kilns’ owner have to be not shutdown their brick kilns during its installation even install within eight hours without disturbing its normal working/mechanism while in case of foreign imported technology, the brick kiln owners have to completely shut down for 2 to 3 month.

When SDR device first installed for the experimental purpose its efficiency was 60 % and if properly fabricate and install according to its technical manual, it can give 70 to 80% or more results which is more enough than the imported foreign technology. The SDR device which is also patented in 2016 from Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) can reduce the smoke density upto 70 Further , the blowers used in the imported technology, its cost 0.8 million which is rusted due to high temperature and acidic gases emission within 2 month.

“My device is also recommended by Environmental Protection Tribunal (EPT) Lahore, bench in 2010 during case hearing of DG Vs Brick kilns owner but still not implemented by Pak-EPA and provincial EPAs till to date. Inspite so many benefits, his SDR device still not promoted by any EPAs”, he grieved.

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