Two killed, one injured in three different incidents


Karachi:     A female was killed in a firing incident in AB Siniyaleen, area of Karachi.

According to police, the victim identified as Ruqayya wife of Kamran committed suicide after firing bullet in her head.
As a result she sustained serious injuries and rushed to nearby Jinnah hospital for first aid but she couldn’t survive.
According to police, husband of victim is a police official and she fired bullet to herself with pistol of her husband while her husband was not present at home during the occasion of incident.
Meanwhile, a police personal was injured by firing bullet unconsciously to him.
The victim was appointed in IT department of Saud Abad Headquarter.
Injured police personal was shifted to Jinnah Hospital for first aid.
Meanwhile, a youth identified as Zohaib electrocuted to death while touching cable wire.
He was shifted to Jinnah Hospital for medico-legal formalities.
Police have registered separate cases and started an investigation.