Over seven million saplings to be planted in AJK: Masood Khan


Khizar Hayat Abbasi,

State forests meet 88 percent needs of rural population,

MUZAFFARABAD:     The AJK President, Sardar Masood Khan has said that forest conservation and new forestation have become inevitable to preserve natural beauty of the liberated territory, maintain balance in climate, and to secure the future of coming generations.

In his message on the occasion of launching of national tree plantation campaign 2019, he said that Azad Kashmir both geographically and climatically is the most suitable region for tree plantation.

He said that the territory continued to receive downpours almost throughout the year, which is essential for the growth of trees. In spite of such favorable climate, if we fail to make our state green and emerald, it would be our bad luck. “Forests and trees are essential to maintain balance in natural environment, and to meet needs of fuel timber and construction wood as well as production of food grains,” he added.

The AJK president said that in the light of Islamic teachings, it was our individual, collective and social responsibility to make the tree plantation program a success on the regional and national level. “Tree plantation is not the responsibility of some individual, any department or the government, but this is a collective national obligation, and all of us have to contribute to it,” he added.

Sardar Masood Khan said that the AJK forests are on the one hand an asset of the state while on the other, these also have national importance. These forests in the bottom of Himalaya range besides fulfilling the basic needs of 88 percent rural population of Azad Kashmir, guarantee stability of agriculture and industry of Pakistan.

While declaring forests as backbone of the economy of Jammu and Kashmir state, he said that forest conservation adds to the beauty of the region, and at the same time, it attracts tourists and contributes to strengthen national economy.

The AJK president expressed the pleasure that the state department has made adequate arrangements in connection with tree plantation campaign, and during the campaign, more than seven million saplings will be planted by the forest department with the cooperation of the people.

He appealed to the people belonging to all segments of society particularly boy and girl students of universities, colleges and schools to enthusiastically take part in the tree plantation campaign, and play their role in the national development and prosperity.