Brutality in OIK


Indian troops and paramilitary forces have broken the records of brutalities on the people of Kashmir. They have turned the heaven-like valley into a living hell.

In a twitter thread titled: “Life under Indian Occupation in Kashmir, C.J Werleman, a famous Australian journalist, has given some shocking figures of Indian arms forces’ barbarism in IOK—Kashmir is the world’s heaviest militarized zone more than Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza where over 700,000 Indian soldiers have been stationed, and one solider is deployed on every 10 people. There are more than 6000 unmarked and mass graves of the people who were either killed in custody or are those who have been missing for a long time. As many as 80,000 children are orphan, and 49pc of adults have PTCD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Women are routinely raped and molested, and there are around 7000 custodial killings.

It is time the World and United Nations took its serious notice and acted to rein in the fascist, racist and supremacist Indian government which has let loose unparalleled atrocities on the innocent people of Indian Occupied Kashmir.