Pakistan fighting for whom?


It is 70-year-old story again again repeated during this time when India played its game on Kashmir by abrogating article 370 and 54A regarding the status of Kashmir. Pakistan, always claiming as lawyer of Kashmir, remains ignorant or a silent partner in crime of this internationally played game on Kashmir and all its claims regarding supporting Kashmiris morally, politically and diplomatically. proven false. It has failed to protect its known narrative on Kashmir, not known to anyone what happened during PM Pakistan and Chief of Army Staff’s recent visit to US and what sort of assurances were given to Trump Administration and at whose cast. No one from civil or military leadership is ready to take the nation into confidence. No one privy from the more than 100 people is ready to leak any of the point to media and no one out of the old rumor spreading machines are ready to say a word about at what price Kashmiris. But the oldest claim that Pakistan is fighting for Kashmiris at all international forums came in front just to be fool Kashmiris again in the current computer era when everyone is at hold of latest and sensitive technology.
Kashmiris in Indian held Kashmiris were thrown into hell again and they have no access to media as complete blackout was observed by India to keep world at distance. But Kashmiris in AJK and Pakistan and round the globe as well are alive and demanding something extra-ordinary from so-called advocates of Kashmir. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Muzaffarabad on the occasion of Eidul Azha ‘reaffirmed’ Pakistan’s ‘unwavering’ support to people of Indian held Kashmir suffering Indian atrocities and he not hesitated to repeating the 70-year-old claim saying ‘Pakistan is fighting for the cause of Kashmiris at every platform’.
How strange is it that Qureshi in a presser in Muzaffarabad said the freedom struggle of Kashmiris had reached at s crucial turning point? But he failed to explain the point and the effects of this point to people living in Indian held Kashmir who are under critical siege. Qureshi also failed to explain that under whose order section 144 was imposed in AJK and heavy contingents of police and other forces were brought in, was there any threat of widespread of protests by Kashmiris or anything else.
He was explaining the diplomatic efforts of Pakistan ‘Government’ saying that in its wider outreach efforts, Pakistan had contacted world leaders including those of Turkey, Iran, and Indonesia to apprise them of the unilateral step taken by India to change the status of Indian held Kashmir. But he failed to explain as why China ‘All weather and time tested friend’ has kept distance from Pakistan and is not ready to give any support to Pakistan like it did at the time when Indian tried its best to declare Hafiz Saeed an international terrorist (no worry what Pakistan itself did with Hafiz Saeed and on whose directions).
He was again giving a lolly-pops to Kashmiris thinking ignorant Kashmiris will remain obliged as Qureshi said the Kashmir issue had been recognized as disputed internationally. Qureshi might be ignorant regarding Kashmir issue but every Kashmiri is well aware of the fact that Kashmir issue was an international issue right from 1948 when Indian took it to United Nations. Though some unscrupulous people during these 71 years used all-out effort to put this issue into cold storage and bring it to front whenever they need it to exploit for their meager interests.
Another lolly-pop for Kashmiris was when Qureshi said Pakistan has decided to take Kashmir issue again to the UN Security Council, and that China had assured to extend full support for this purpose. Taking Kashmir to UN Security Council is strange and it seems Pakistan is making Kashmiris obliged by taking Kashmir issue where it is for the last 71 years. His claim China will support seems to be a hollow claim and for the time being Kashmiris take this lolly-pop and wait for Chinese support like Pakistan was waiting for 7th-fleet in 1971 what will happen will it defeat the strong foreign policy of India. Are they going to make another fun of Kashmir or they are following the script of Trump to fix the division of Kashmir?
Another funny statement of Qureshi was that of the political leadership of Pakistan he claimed that political leadership stood united over the Kashmir issue, but he failed to give any little explanation about what leadership is he talking. Political leadership of the country is in jail then who is standing with you. Nation knows that whey Mariyum Nawaz was put in jail as she her Kashmir solidarity rally was a well-attended as per routine matter. This rally and other previous rallies of PML N Leader were threat to current installed government but it was exposing all their conspiracies being made with international actors.
Qureshi was of the view that if India tried any misadventure, Pakistan reserve the right to defend itself. But he failed to convey message that whey should India made any adventure or misadventure as he is also following the internationally tailored agenda on Kashmir and things are going at right track for both Indian and Pakistan besides Trump is also happy as he gained something for his own countries and for his friend Modi’s.
Now it is time for Pakistan to stand tall by declaring AJK an independent state, recognize it and so many countries will come forward to recognize it and force India to vacate Indian held Kashmir otherwise all its claims of fighting for Kashmiris are proven false claims and it will further cause hell for Kashmiri people under Indian siege.

(Write is a working journalist and regular column writer and can be reached on [email protected])

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