KC-EU’s protest in Brussels against revoking of special status of Kashmir continued on third day

Brussels: ( Rasheed Ahmed )   A protest organised by Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) in Brussels, the
capital of Belgium against Indian decision for abolition article 370 and 35A
for revokingspecial status of Jammu and Kashmirwas sustainedon third day
(Friday) sequentially.
The protest camp in the context was arrangedat Place de L’Europein front
of Central Station in Brussels on Friday.
The series of the protest was started in Brussels on Wednesday and there
was also a protest camp at Place Schuman (In front of EU’s External
Actions Service) on Thursday.
During the protest camp on Friday, Kashmir Council EU’s Chairman Ali
Raza Syed and his team were constantly engaged in updating the
European people about the latest situation in Jammu and Kashmir,
specially Indian fresh decision for revoking special status of Jammu and
Kashmir by emerging it as Indian territory.
Brochures and pamphlets regarding the issue of Kashmir and violation of
human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK)were also circulated during
the protest camp.
A number of people also signed the documents of one million signature
campaign for expressing their solidarity with the oppressed people of
Jammu and Kashmir.
Chairman Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Ali Raza Syed said, we shall
continue to raise our voice against the Indian decision for revoking special

status of Jammu and Kashmir and Indian atrocities against the people of
It is important to mention that by issuing a presidential order, India on
Monday has announced to abrogate articles 370 and 35A from its
constitution, which gives special status and rights to the people of occupied
Jammu and Kashmir.
Ali Raza Syed said, imposing new legislation by the Indian government for
abolition of special status of Jammu and Kashmir cannot stop struggle of
Kashmiri people for freedom from Indian occupation.
Chairman KC-EU also met high ranking EU’s External Service Officials
updating them latest situation in the occupied Kashmir yesterday.
Chairman Kashmir Council EU also called upon the international
community specially world powers including U.S. and EU to take serious
notice of the severe situation in the occupied Kashmir (IoK). They should
play their useful role for preventing human rights violation and just and
peaceful resolution of issue of Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

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