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Kashmiri diaspora and Kashmir

Ishfaqullah Shawl
It is high time for Kashmiri nation to turn the table and despite being panic and listening the tricks of mischief mongers get United and tell the world Kashmiri is a nation with brighter past having rich culture of peace, tolerance, peaceful co-existance and brotherhood, which people across the globe know more better.
The situation emerged after abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A is horrible but it is multi-pronged responsibility of Kashmiri diaspora, like 1, don’t let Kashmiris living in Indian held Jammu Kashmir to be panic and frustrate by heavy deployment of Indian occupation force but remain cool, 2, Give Kashmiris assurance that their brethren across the globe is active and take peace-loving people along to build a powerful world opinion to let Kashmiri people to exercise their right of self-determination.
For the purpose I have no reason to directly talk to peace-loving and saner people living across the globe when there is a huge population of Kashmiris. It is sure that Kashmiri diaspora is consisting a good number politically mature people and they are able to understand the whole game and are able to turn current situation into an opportunity.
The current situation has nothing to do with Kashmiris living in state of Jammu Kashmir but it  is Kashmiri diaspora which had to shoulder responsibility. Ball is now in the court of Kashmiris living abroad they must shun their difference and unitedly work to build a powerful world opinion. I hope once Kashmiri diaspora come out to world community it will have a good impression and we will be in a position to convert this horror into an opportunity.

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