Launching of e-billing system – a step to good governance.

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System to ensure speedy processing of bills transparency,

Islamabad: (Parliament Times)   Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Mr. Murad Saeed
launched E-Billing system at National Highway Authority Head Office here today. The
system will ensure speedy processing of bills and transparency. This will ultimately help
control corruption besides saving time by 50%. Launching of E-Billing is a step forward
taken by Ministry of Communications, National Highway Authority towards controlling
Federal Secretary Communications, Mr. Jawwad Rafique Malik Chairman NHA,
Capt ® Sikandar Qayyum, Senior Officers from Ministry of Communications and
National Highway Authority and a large number of media men were also present.
On this occasion, a detailed briefing was also given regarding working of the E-
Billing System in which it was told that the contractor will submit bill at NHA E-Billing
Portal and Consultant will verify/certify the bill. Project Authority will exercise laid down
check, and sanction payment. Finance Wing will process and accord approval of
payment, prior to release of payment to the beneficiary.
Talking to the media men, Federal Minister of Communications and Postal
Services, Mr. Murad Saeed said reforms process is underway as per vision of Prime
Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan and the existing leadership has presented a better
model of Governmental procedure. Pragmatic measures are being taken to control
corruption through transparency. He recalled that Good Governance may put country on
track towards development. He informed that E-Billing System is in house development
through use of own expertise and resources of NHA. The system will ensure
transparency, control corruption, save time and cost, increase efficiency of effectiveness
with tracking of bills. The system will help redressal of complaints and fixing of
responsibility in case of any delay. He further said, the system will create atmosphere of
mutual confidence between NHA and Contractors. He said, steps are being taken to
increase revenue of NHA through utilization of its Right of Way (ROW) Clean and Green
Pakistan is being started from next month, the Federal Minister added.
The Chairman, NHA Capt® Sikandar Qayyum said, launching of E-Billing is a
great achievement. As per vision of present Government NHA is also working on E-
Bidding and making Human Resource Management more active. He said, earlier NHA
has also launched its Mobile App to facilitate the commuters on motorways and national
highways and today E-Billing system is being launched, which is also a practical
advancement towards good governance.

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