U.S. should play its useful role for settlement of Kashmir dispute, says Ali Raza Syed


Brussels: (By Rasheed Ahmed)   Chairman Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Ali Raza Syed has said, a
peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute is essential for peace and social
and economic development in the region of South Asia and U.S. should
play its useful and significant role for this settlement.
In a statement from Brussels while welcoming U.S. President Donald
Trump’s offer for mediation on Kashmir, Mr. Ali Raza Syed said, United
States should use its good offices and influence for a peaceful resolution of
Kashmir issue.
It is important to mention that in a meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister
Imran Khan on Monday at While House, the U.S. President offered his
mediation for a settlement of long standing issue of Kashmir.
Ali Raza Syed demanded that the America and other global powers should
play their role for resolution of issue of Kashmir in order to end the security
turmoil in the region of South Asia.
International Community should understand that peace in South Asia
provides grantee to the prosperity of the region and such positive
atmosphere can protect foreign investment in the area too.
Chairman Kashmir Council EU further said, there should be necessary
steps for implementation of Security Council’s resolutions on Kashmir
issue. Explaining the situation in occupied Kashmir, he said, instead of
implementing the UN’s resolutions, it is India which deployed seven lakhs

military forces in Indian held Kashmir (IHK) in order to suppress the
It is a fact that large scale human rights violations are being committed by
the Indian forces in IHK. Indian authorities are engaged to press the mass
resistance by use of force and brutalities.
Ali Raza Syed again emphasized said that India has forcefully held the
state of Jammu and Kashmir but people of Kashmir want their basic rights,
including rightto self-determination at any cost.
U.S. which emphasizes on safety of human rights in all over the world,
should seriously focus on peace in the region and should stop India from
committing atrocities in IHK.
Kashmiris are struggling for their right to self determination which was
promised by India and it has been mentioned in the UN’s resolutions on
Kashmir.  There should be a plebiscite under United Nations supervision in
IHK in order to make logical political fate of the disputed Kashmir’s territory.