The best example of prosperity is seen in the period of PML-N: Mushtaq Minhas


London:  Minister for information and tourism AJK Raja Mushtaq Ahmed Minhas met former finance minister
Ishaq Dar at his place. He said that under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif country was on its way to
progress and a conspiracy was done to derail it. He said that the government of PML-N always made
Pakistan better than before but conspiracies always harmed the country. On praising the work of former
finance minister he said that he provided record funds for development not only to the country but also
to AJK. He said that due to the highly increased rates of Dollar there is inflation in the country and
current Federal government is not capable to fight with it. The period of PML-N is best example of
prosperity. He also said that the way justice is being slaughtered in the case of Nawaz Sharif is
matchless. People of Pakistan are still standing with PMLN. Information minister said that the credit of
being elected as a PM for three times is given to Nawaz Sharif and he also holds the credit of taking the
name and admiring Burhan Wani and other martyrs of Kashmir in his speech at UNO. On this Former
Finance minister thanked him and said that Pakistan is with the struggle of people of Kashmir and we
will not refrain from their political, moral and diplomatic support. He also said that it is impossible to
constrict the workers of PML-N because the tigers of Nawaz Sharif are standing with him in every
situation. on this he also said that people should stay united hopefully truth will prevail.