Business community widely hails Trump’s decision to boost trade relations with Pak


LAHORE:       Business community Tuesday widely
hailing the decision of United States President Donald Trump for
enhancing volume of mutual trade up to twelve folds said Pakistan is an
ideal and attractive investment destination coupled with large market
endowed studded with a rich array of resources.

Founder Chairman Pak US Business Council, Senior Vice President SAARC
Chamber and United Business Group (UBG) Central Chairman Iftikhar Ali
Malik welcoming the joint statements of Donald Trump and Prime Minister
Imran Khan and the private sectors in both countries could increase trade
manifolds by playing constructive role to further strengthen mutual trade
and economic ties.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Iftikhar Malik said overseas businessmen
and investors should avail benefits from the economic and business
opportunities provided by Pakistan’s strategic location and the
connectivity to the broader regions. He said both Imran Khan and Trump
governments have economic agendas; therefore, there should be meaningful
result oriented dialogues on trade and investment between the two
countries. United States is the largest trade partner of Pakistan and over
one million Pakistani expatriates are housed there.

He said Pakistan and US have good potential to enhance cooperation in
energy, agriculture and education sectors and stressed that both
governments should facilitate their entrepreneurs to strengthen
collaboration for achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. “Our other
endowments include a vast pool of skilled human resource, a large agrarian
base, tremendous tourism potential, diverse mineral wealth, and a developed
IT infrastructure,” he added. He said both countries should focus on
developing sector-specific cooperation between their private sectors that
would help in increasing two-way trade.