AJK PTI activists asked to fight the war for accomplishment of IK’s mission;


Altaf Hamid Rao,

Advised to rally round for ending the menaces of regionalism and tribalism in the State,

MIRPUR (AJK):     Newly-inducted Additional Secretary General of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf, AJK Chapter Raja Mansoor Khan has requested all the PTI workers in Azad Jammu and Kashmir to focus for fighting the war of mission of Imran Khan meant for complete abolition of the menaces of regionalism and tribalism (baradarism) in the country including Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
In a statement issued  here today, he said that the recently announced body of PTI, Azad Jammu Kashmir chapter was formed without any discrimination – but purely in line with the vision of the party’s Supremo, the Prime Minister Imran Khan, picking up from the party workers on merit on the basis of their intellect and expertise in their respective fields of life.
He continued that mixed reaction (both anti and in favor) from amongst the party ranks emerged over the formation of the PTI AJK Chapter. Elaborating, he said on one hand majority of the party workers in most parts of AJK and the Pakistan-based Jammu Kashmir refugee circles lauded the historical decision of formation of the PTI AJK body of the central office bearers by celebrating its formation. But at the same time certain of persons expressed reservations to this direction.
Mansoor elaborated that all 31 offices of the party’s AJK chapter from amongst 50 of the most  important candidates were filled in purely on merit after collective review by the party’s high command. He continued that it could not be possible that central offices be conferred with all of the 50 aspirants. From amongst rest of the candidates will have to the concerned divisional or district bodies.
“Similarly, since there were thousands of offices prevail in the party, all of the aspirants would be adjusted against the offices, matching to the concerned. But not  on the individual desire of any one. Rather the decisions will be made purely on merit through the process of mutual discussion”, he declared.
Referring to the office of Secretary Information, the party’s ASG said that the office of Secretary Information has been given the administrative status under the new constitution. This means that experience and academic qualification to the related field will be given preference while filling in the office.
He continued that during the course of formation of the PTI AJK Chapter’s body a seasoned personality in form of Ershad Mahmud was kind enough to be agreed to represent the party who is considered to be the most credible man on the horizon of practical journalism in Azad Jammu & Kashmir who is considered to be the most experienced journalist in the State. He has the direct access not only to the national print and electronic media but also have due professional ties with the international media because of his being a man of high intellect and pen.
“ Irshad Mahmud’s offer of his services  to the party  by accepting the responsibility to serve being the Secretary Information will prove to be a good  omen for the PTI in the country besides  AJK and abroad”, Mansoor said adding that the time will prove that he will take the party’s graph much above to the expectations because of his high professional skills and caliber.
Concluding the Additional Secretary General invited the PTI workers across AJK to move ahead joining the heads like a family with focus as how to successfully pass through  the forthcoming general elections process in Azad Jammu & Kashmir under the dynamic leadership of the party’s President Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry going shoulder to shoulder with Saif Ullah Niazi by brining out reservations and apprehensions  for discussion on the party’s forum in line with the constitution of the party. Ends