Judge Malik wants to file an FIR against Maryam Nawaz


ISLAMABAD:       Judge Arshad Malik, the recently removed judge of Islamabad’s Accountability Court II, wants to file an FIR against PML-N leaders, including Maryam Nawaz. He has already filed an FIR against six people in the video case.
He already filed on July 16 an FIR at the FIA’s Cyber Crime Centre against people who made and distributed a video of him. These six people are Mian Tariq Mehmood, Mian Raza, Nasir Janjua, Nasir Butt, Khurram Yousuf and Mehar Ghulam Jillani.
The FIR has been filed under sections 13, 20, 21 and 24 of the Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 and includes Section 8 of the Cyber Crime Act.
Judge Malik sentenced Nawaz to prison for seven years after convicting him in the Al Azizia Steel Mills case. At a press conference, Maryam showed videos of the judge telling Nasir Butt, a member of the PML-N, that he was pressured into convicting Nawaz. in which he reportedly said former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was innocent and wrongly convicted.
The judge, however, later denied the video and claimed that what he said has been taken out of context. Many people have asked the authorities to conduct a forensic analysis of the video.
In his FIR, he said 15 years ago, Mian Tariq Mehmood drugged him and made an ‘unethical’ video of him. He then tried to blackmail the judge with it. Malik says Mehmood then sold it to PML-N leader Mian Raza a few months ago. Mehmood was arrested by the FIA on Wednesday. Teams have been formed to arrest the other five suspects.
Nasir Janjua and others showed him that video and tried to blackmail him, he contended, adding that they pressured him to give that statement.
However, he realised after watching Maryam Nawaz and other PML-N leaders’ press conference that they had tampered with the video.
The ones who showed the video are all guilty of electronic forgery, he contended.
He now wants to file an FIR against PML-N leaders including Maryam, Shehbaz Sharif, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Pervaiz Rashid and Azma Bukhari.