RAWALAKOT:   (Parliament Times)    “The AJK government will utilize all resources to rehabilitate and provide relief to the victims of the flash flood in Neelum valley,” said Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan while expressing a deep sense of shock and sorrow over the loss of lives and properties caused by the natural calamity.

Addressing as the chief guest at the oath-taking ceremony of newly-elected office-bearers of a social organization Sufi Aziz Foundation at Horna Mera near here on Monday, he said that the government has immediately set up relief camps in the flood-affected area where Pakistan Army, local administration and the common people are extending relief to the victims.

He said that the non-government organizations and charity groups voluntarily working for the public welfare are an asset of the Muslim society. He particularly paid tributes to Sufi Aziz Foundation for demonstrating accountability and transparency in its public welfare programs.

The AJK president said that the world realizes that the people of Kashmir and Pakistan remain at the forefront in charity work. However, there is a need to assure the people that their donations and financial support will be judiciously used.

“If we succeed in restoring confidence, many of our problems can be resolved,” he said adding that the middle class Pakistani and the Kashmiri community settled in the United States gives more donations and more sincerely take part in the social welfare than the local citizens.

Sardar Masood Khan said that Sufi Aziz Foundation had started its functions by providing financial support to the students of Rawalakot and surrounding areas. “The Foundation is working on a number of education, health and infrastructure projects at the expense of hundreds of millions of rupees, which reflects that there is no dearth of philanthropists who want to support those working honestly and transparently,” he added.

Referring to the latest situation of occupied Kashmir, the AJK president said that the Kashmiri youth were being martyred for demanding their basic right to self-determination. Their political leaders are being detained in prisons and subjected to severe torture.

The women are being molested. In these circumstances, side by side with the construction and development of the liberated territory, we cannot forget our brothers and sisters living on the other side of the Line of Control.

Speaking on the occasion, Jamiat Ullama-e-Islama Azad Jamun-o-Kashmir chief Maulana Saeed Yousuf regretted that the West had adopted golden principles of Islam today, while all the ills attributed to the West have been adopted by the Muslims.

He said that how much the people of West were committed to providing relief to others, can be gauged from the fact that Bill Gates spends 41 billion dollars out of his total assets of 42 billion dollars, on welfare works.

Others who spoke on the occasion included Member of AJK Legislative Assembly Sardar Saghir Khan Chughtai, Member Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council Sardar Abdul Khaliq Wasi, patron-in-chief of Sufi Aziz Foundation Sardar Sayeed Aziz, Sardar Tauseef Aziz and Sardar Nazir Khan.

Earlier AJK President administered the oath to the newly-elected office-bearers of Sufi Aziz Foundation.


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