India ousted from Afghan peace process despite its billion of rupees investment in Afghanistan: Indian media

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ISLAMABAD:     Pakistan has made another major achievement on diplomatic front due to complete ouster of Indian from Afghan peace process.

This success has enraged the Indian media that India has been completely ousted from Afghan peace process despite its mammoth investment therein and Pakistan has occupied centre stage as it is going to give final shape to Afghan peace accord along with US and China.

Indian news paper Times of India published a comprehensive article in its publication Tuesday acknowledging that Pakistan has made another unprecedented achievement on diplomatic front and India has been shown door out of Afghan peace process.

Terming Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan visit to US worrisome for India, Indian media has said Pakistan is going to occupy a centre stage day by day in the region and Pakistan along with US and China is now going to give final shape to peace accord while India has been completely ignored in Afghan peace process. Keeping India out of decision making process about Afghanistan is matter of grave concern.

Now Imran Khan is going to visit US within next few days and US president Trump is also in preparations for this visit. How India was ignored fully despite its deep interests. Now Pakistan is leading in the region and Indian reservations are no where seen in the entire Afghan peace process despite the fact that Indian had expressed its reservations on the eve of US minister of state arrival at New Delhi and India government placed its concerns before Zalme Khalilzad and Russian authorities.

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