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Cracks appeared in Founder Group of ICCI

ISLAMABAD:        Cracks have appeared in the Founder Group ruling Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) for decades.

In a shocking development, former president ICCI and an important member of Founder Group Waqar Aslam Hamdi along with his supporters have joined the Islamabad United Group which is striving for transparency in the matters of ICCI.

Waqar Aslam Hamdi held a long meeting with Chairman Islamabad United Group Habibullah Zahid and Senior Vice Chairman Shahid Zaman Shinwari after which he announced to join this group.

Both sides agreed that ICCI has been held hostage by a group which is only interested in personal welfare and it has never raised voice for traders or industrialists.

Office bearers of ICCI are not elected by selected while funds worth tens of millions have been mismanaged which has never been noticed by the concerned departments.

They demanded an audit into expanses of the chamber, voters list, and income from awards so that the wrongdoers could be punished and a free and fair election could be ensured.

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