Recover Reko Diq penalty from corrupt rulers: Dr Shahida Wizarat

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Karachi: Noted economist and Pasban Democratic Party Economic Affairs Vice Chairman Prof Dr Shahida Wizarat has said that the fine of $6billion in Reko Diq case should be recovered from those corrupt rules who had inked that contract.

In a statement here Monday, she said that this is not time to cry over split milk. She said it is no use to sympathize with those who had struck that shoddy contract. She said the climax of corruption cases is sad and nothing is being recovered from the corrupt elements. She said the looted money is yet to be brought here from foreign countries.

Dr Wizarat said that taking loan from IMF and pushing the country to economic disaster is the part of American strategic plan. She said there is news about penalty of $3billion to Pakistan in another case. She said all these conspiracies are to put the country in a deep economic crisis. She said that even what was achieved by judiciary is being wasted and economic crisis is being deepened.

She said it is high time that accountability of rulers should be started who are behind these conspiracies and who signed the contracts that resulted in heavy losses for the nation and country. She said the speed of trial in corruption cases is very slow. She said the nation should recover all these losses from corrupt rulers. She said the government should review Reko Diq case and other such contracts and take decisions in national interest. She said if we did not take right decisions now the history would never forgive us.

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