Efforts are needed at international level to weed out organized crimes, terrorism: Dr Maleeha Lodhi

NEW YORK:      Pakistan permanent envoy in UN Dr Maleeha Lodhi has said efforts are needed at global level to curb organized crimes and terrorism.
Speaking at the UNSC’s Open Debate on ‘Threats to international peace and security: Linkage between international terrorism and organised crime’ debate, Maleeha Lodhi said Pakistan law enforcement agencies despite their limited resources have played pivotal role in anti drug campaign.
She went on to say that the crimes are key source in assisting terrorists groups. The international community will have to work out organized planning to counter menaces.

She remarked “ we need to counter the reason rather than symptoms.

She stressed international community should pay attention to the ongoing barbarity and state terrorism in Occupied Kashmir.

She made it clear UN institutions engaged in eliminating terrorism should not become tool for promoting the interests of a few countries.

She pointed out that an integrated and comprehensive anti terrorism policy has been evolved through national action plan in Pakistan.

She claimed that Pakistan has made remarkable achievements in war on terror.
“We will continue to play our role to sever the vicious link between terrorism and organised crime in our region,” Ambassador Lodhi said.
“This is critical for our own people, as well as for our neighbourhood and indeed the rest of the world,” she said, adding the crime-terrorist nexus varies across different contexts, with several common areas of confluence, including financing tools, recruiting vulnerable youth and operating in areas outside government control.
“Being one of the principal victims of terrorism, Pakistan’s resolve to eliminate this scourge is clear and unwavering,” she added.

She held that national institutions have been made more stronger and active for preventing financing to terrorist outfits and other terror related acts.

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