Opposition parties Rahbar Committee approves to give slot of chairman Senate to PML-N

ISLAMABAD:     Rahbar Committee of opposition parties have approved to take chairman Senate from PML-N.

According to media reports, all the 9 parties of joint opposition have decided that majority party is PML-N and strength of its senators stands, at 31 therefore, it is their right to get the slot of chairman Senate.

The Rahbar Committee with consensus decision of the opposition parties has asked PML-N to give name of its candidate for the slot of chairman Senate within two days. Following the approval from Rahbar committee PML-N has started consultation to give the name of Raja Zafar ul Haq, Musaddaq Malik or other two names. PML-N will inform Rahbar committee about his candidate within two days.

PML-N will vacate the slot of opposition leader after its candidate is elected as chairman Senate and later Rahbar committee will make consultations about new opposition leader. PPP Senator Salim Mandiwala will continue to work as deputy chairman Senate.

Requisition for new chairman of Senate will be filed on July 09 while name of candidate will be announced on July 11.

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