Ex AJK LA Speaker Anwar ul Haq girds lions against incumbent AJK ruling clique


Announces to launch movement against PM Farooq Haider-led state administration

ISLAMABAD: (Parliament Times)
Describing incumbent Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider-led incumbent AJK regime as the history’s most corrupt era of administration in the state, senior politician and former Speaker of AJK Legislative Assembly Chaudhry Anwaar ul Haq has announced to launch the movement against, what he called, the prevailing corrupt system in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
Talking to senior journalists including editors of Islamabad-based national and State press, he asserted that no any government prevails in Azad Jammu & Kashmir at present. “Rather the area is passing through the rule of mafia”, he maintained.
Anwaar continued as saying “Farooq Haider is a powerless Prime Minister”. He said that the State’s Prime Minister claiming to be the man of poised and neat and clean character, had, in fact, become the hostage at the hands of the mafia including, what Anwaar called, his corrupt cabinet colleagues.
Anwaar ul Haq alleged that non of the state-run institutions in AJK were saved – since entire administrative system had been made hostage by the vested interest prevailing in the ranks of the ruling clique, he observed.The former Speaker of AJK Legislative Assembly stated that the recent audit report of the Auditor General revealed the corruption of Rs. 7 billion during last one year in Azad Jammu Kashmir. He said that it was the ample proof of the merciless looting of the public resources through such a major corruption in this small territory.
Anwaar underlined that the most corrupt and dishonest individuals have been made most respectful through bringing amendment in the Accountability law in the state. AJK, he observed, was passing through the era of ‘status quo’. “It is my belief that dirt can not be removed with dirt”, Anwaar maintained.
Unveiling the course of action of his anti-government movement in AJK, Anwaar ul Haq declared as saying “we will go behind every individual of the mafia, involved in corruption and mismanagement and the state financial ill-discipline during the AJK-wide movement. The anti-govt. movement will also involve the awareness campaign in nook and corner of AJK through visiting all tehsil and district headquarters, he declared. The extensive awareness campaign will be carried out through the involvement of the personalities of neat and clean character and high intellect, he said.
The ex Speaker of AJK Legislature said that the looters and plunderers of the State’s exchequer, prevailing in the ranks of the AJK ruling junta, could be surfaced if a high level probe was conducted to unearth the huge assets including money trails of the politicians and bureaucrats of Azad Jammu Kashmir.
He underlined that there was no need of any “Qatari letter” or any evidence from any foreign power to unearth the highly corrupt mafia – since all the evidences of corruption very much prevail every time inn AJK, he added.