Traitors do not deserve leniency: Altaf Shakoor

Karachi:    Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor has expressed grave concern over the rumors that rulers were striking a hidden deal to release the traitor, Dr Shakil Afridi.

In a statement here Wednesday, he said treason is a serious crime and even recently some senior army officers were given punishments for treason. He said no traitor deserves leniency or special treatment. He regretted that there are wide rumors that the traitor Shakil Afridi would be released under a hidden deal and its responsibility would be put on judicial system. He said such conspiracies would only bring a bad name to our nation and country and our institutions. He said we should stop to make Pakistan a laughing stock in international community. He said every criminal should be punished as per the law and constitution and no preferential treatment should be offered to anyone to please influential local or foreign quarters.

Altaf Shakoor said Pakistan needs firm uphold of law and constitution. There should be no two standards for the mighty and the meek. Every person should be made equal before law. He said all hidden conspiracies against this country should be stopped and its image should not be further deteriorated at international level. He said if the rulers go for hidden deals at the cost of supremacy of law and constitution it would result in lack of confidence of people in democracy and democratic system. He said our parliamentarians should assert themselves for safeguarding the constitutional norms and rights and liberties of masses.

Pasban Democratic Party Chairman said we are confident and hopeful that our independent courts would dole out justice, but the people of Pakistan do not have confidence on the turncoat ruling elite due to their frequent betrayals and u-turns. He said the rulers should give top priority to the national honor and the expectations and aspirations of the Pakistani masses. They should keep the national interest supreme to all other considerations. He said foreign spies, terrorists and national traitors do not deserve any mercy and they should not be given concessions and preferential treatment. He said if we continue to show double standards over this matter, it would further intensify the hopelessness and disappointment amongst the Pakistan masses.

Altaf Shakoor said the Paban Democratic Party is working to make Pakistan a law-abiding society where only constitution and law would have supremacy and where constitutional rights of all Pakistanis, irrespective of their social or economic status, are safeguarded. He said this would be possible when the shameful politics of so-called electables is ended for good and true representatives of people are sent to parliament.

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