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Hike in gas prices

The government has revised the billing mechanism for the domestic gas consumers as Ogra has notified up to 190 percent increase in gas prices for domestic consumers. As per the notification issued by OGRA consumer prices have been determined at the average price of Rs738 per MMBTU. For the first category using up to 50 cubic meter gas the price has been kept unchanged and they will continue to pay Rs121 per MMBTU. For the second slab of up to 100 cubic meters the price of gas has been increased from Rs127 per MMBTU to Rs300 per MMBTU or 136.220 percent increase. For third slab of up to 200 cubic meters, a hike of 109.47 percent has been proposed in gas price from current Rs 264 per MMBTU to Rs553 per MMBTU. For fourth slab of up to 300 cubic meters, the proposed increase is 168.36 percent from Rs275 per MMBTU to Rs738 per MMBTU. For fifth slab of up to 400 cubic meters, the government increase is 41 percent from Rs780 per MMBTU to Rs1107 per MMBTU. There is no change in the prices for the consumers in sixth slab using above 400 cubic meters gas. The minimum charges for this category are Rs 172.58 per month.

For commercial users including cafes, bakeries, milk shops, tea stalls, canteens, barber shops, laundries etc all off takes are Rs 1283 per MMBTU and the minimum charges for this category is 5880.10 per month. For roti tandoors there are five slabs same as domestic consumers and charging the same rates i.e. Rs 121 MMBTU for first slab and Rs 1283 per MMBTU for the fifth slab. Rates for ice factories are Rs 1283 per MMBTU and the minimum charges for this category is 5880.10 per month. For the registered manufacturers or exporters of five zero rated sectors flat rate of Rs 786 per MMBTU is fixed with minimum charges of Rs 20232. For CNG stations flat rate of Rs 1283 per MMBTU is fixed with minimum monthly charges of Rs 33045.60.

For cement flat rate of Rs 1277 per MMBTU is fixed with minimum monthly charges of Rs 32877 per month. For fetilizer sector feed the rate is fixed at Rs 300 per MMBTU while for the electricity generation the rate is fixed at Rs 1021 per MMBTU. Hike in electricity and gas prices will enhance burden on people. Government has increased taxes on LNG in the budget and due to this price of CNG has been announced. Due to constant devaluation of rupee against dollar it is being predicted that inflation will further rise in coming time. Collectively these measures will create lot of problems for common man as a result of rise in prices. Although government is facing tough economic conditions but it should avoid shifting all load to people because of its incompetence and failure in last ten months.

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