People protested in Karachi against fake prosecution charges against them



Karachi: (MALIR)   Sheedi Village people protested on national high way against the arrest of innocent villagers in fake and false prosecution. Hundreds of peoples participated in protest and sitting-in in a large number including women. National highway was jammed from both sides due to standing numbers of vehicles. Protestants raised stern mottos against Police and Builder Mafia and talked with Journalists of Awami Press Club Malir that Memon village police has got 14 villagers registered in false case according to terrorism act and busted 4 innocent villagers including them khalil, Bagan Aarfani, Muhammad Irfan Khaskheli, Mumtaz Khaskheli.

They said that defendants have false claim that they have purchased land but villagers have confiscated on it and villagers are throwing stones on police and pilfering construction material. Villagers rebutted the blame of Builder Mafia regarding land and said that they have been living from years at claimed land which does not belongs to Builders and on the beside of village there is empty plot about which they are not concerned. SHO Gul Baigh came with police troops and talked with protestants but failed to satisfy them then MPA Lala Aslam interrupted and satisfied protestants promising that their arrested people will be released immediately. Following, protestants end the sitting in and returned to homes.

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