Central Asia, the Heart of World


By Fahim Jani,

By the geopolitical, geostrategic and geo economics importance, Central Asia is called ” heart of the world”. There are plethora of energy resources in this region which are sufficient for consumers to meet their need, instead of this, Central Asia is under dominance of super powers.

*”One who rules Eastern Europe, command the heartland and the one who rules the heartland, command the world”*
*modern geographer Holford John Mackinder)
This statement defines the importance of central Asia which caused super power countries move towards it.

UAS, China and USSR, the Key players of new great game, are involved in this region and they have their vested interests so far.
On the other hand, USA pushed Asian countries into unending war on terror which resulted in collapse of many countries and also suffering from the miserable condition.

The question rises here that, being an abundance of energy resources which can satisfy the need of a big country like Russia, America and China, why are central Asian countries at backwards, why are these countries being used as puppets and why is this region a battlefield of these superpowers?

Time has come, central asian countries have to put focus on science technology and education to materialize their natural resources and to cope up with world powers.
Moreover,SAARC countries should increase the cooperation and make some result oriented long term and short term policies to promote the peace in the region and to promote inter continental trade and launch their own currency.