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Dawlance partners with MasterClass Hospitality Business School

Karachi :    (Parliament Times)      Dawlance – Pakistan’s leading household appliances company signed an agreement with
MasterClass – the first-of-its-kind culinary arts and hospitality institute in Pakistan. A unique school that deigns to offer
hands-on training in its designated field, MasterClass is now offering its own diploma and certification courses in culinary
and patisserie arts. The program promises extensive training under the renowned chefs in Pakistan. The promising young
millennials who choose to be a part of this institute will be equipped with Dawlance appliances, featuring state-of-the-art
technologies. The participants will get the unique culinary experiences and learning from the curriculum, whether they are
food-enthusiasts or professional chefs.
Briefing on the partnership, the Marketing & Sales Director of Dawlance – Syed Hasan Jameel said “We are very excited
to add a new dimension to the outstanding curriculum that MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School has to offer.
We will integrate Dawlance’s innovative microwave technology that will enable the participants and students to create very
unique culinary experiences for consumers, or families, by utilizing our “Built-In, One-Touch recipes” in our microwave
Naushin Shahid – Category Head for ‘Cooking’ at Dawlance said: “This collaboration will go a long way towards
establishing the Joint-Sustainability strategy between the two partners, by smartly integrating Dawlance microwave ovens’
Air-Frying and Convection technologies, into their exclusive and creative culinary techniques.”
Mr. Usama, Masterclass Co-Founder said, “The main objective and scope of this joint-venture is; to train and empower
students in the field of culinary arts. We will train them with valuable skills, which will enable them to start and run their
own business ventures successfully. Everyone can gain access to this unique curriculum. Once they have completed this
training, these youngsters can then choose to become professional chefs or home-cooking experts.”
Chef Abdul Hadi, who’s also a Co-Founder of MasterClass Pakistan said, “MasterClass fulfills the demands of the
modern-day curriculum, providing a complete pathway for how one can pursue their passion for cooking with new and
modern methods of education & achieve all the parameters of training that are widely recognized and accepted globally.
This partnership with Dawlance can greatly enhance that training experience we’re providing our students and will equip
them with skills needed to become successful in this field.”
Masterclass Hospitality Business School (MHBS) and Dawlance will establish a “Dawlance Foodpreneurship” Program
that will train the cooking enthusiasts not only with respect to the culinary skills but also provide hands-on experience with
unique cooking methods and Kitchen management, along with the enrichment of their entrepreneurial skills. This program
will be ideal for housewives, home cooks, students, entrepreneurs, business people and anyone who wants to establish
their own brand name in the budding hospitality industry of Pakistan.

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