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Imran Khan gets full support from FPCCI in crackdown against tax evaders

LAHORE :       President Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce
and Industry Eng Daroo Khan Achakzai Monday announced that despite some
reservations in budget, Prime Minister Imran Khan will get full support
from business community in a vigorous crackdown against tax evaders for
widening tax base besides introduction of documented economy.

Daroo Khan said that decision was taken with consensus at a high level
meeting with Chairman United Business Group (UBG) Iftikhar Ali Malik in
chair. He urged the business community to avail the tax amnesty scheme
introduced by the government by declaring their undisclosed assets by June
30, 2019 for avoiding any scrutiny in the future and help steer the country
out of prevailing economic crisis. He said that amnesty scheme will help
the bleak economy on sound footings; thus, lessening the burden on existing
taxpayers. He said that Pakistan is the 6th largest country in the world
and hardly only 1 per cent of the population pays taxes. “1pc Pakistanis
are bearing the burden of 220 million people. This is impossible,” he said.
“No country can serve its people if tax evaders are not brought under tax
net ”

He said that the amnesty scheme launched in 1958 helped recover Rs1.12
billion from undeclared assets, followed by Rs.920 million in 1968, Rs1.5
billion in 1976, Rs10 billion in 2000, Rs3.16 billion in 2008 and around
Rs120 billion in 2018.In comparison, he added, the amnesty scheme launched
by Indonesia in 2016 had brought around 745,000 persons into the tax net
and recovered over $330 billion from undeclared assets.

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