Midnight mudslinging by Imran is abortive attempt to divert attention of nation from inflation: Khurshid Shah


ISLAMABAD:      PPP senior leader Khurshid Shah has said midnight mudslinging by Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan after budget session is an abortive attempt to divert attention of nation from inflation.

He said this while reacting to PM Imran Khan speech.

Shah stated that Imran Khan has remained no more able to face people in the broad day light amid echoing slogans of “Go Niazi Go” in the country.

It is peak of hypocrisy that Imran Khan lies by reciting Bismallah, he remarked. Will NAB materialize the manifesto of PTI by arresting opposition leaders, he questioned. Is detention of opposition leaders the way to establish state of Madina.

The loan has not been obtained at such fast track basis during the last six decades the way it has been acquired during the last ten months, he added.

If Imran Khan is sincere in eradication of corruption then why he does not tell about the corruption of Aleema Khan , Jahangir Tareen and Pervez Khattak, he inquired.

NAB has not proved a single pie corruption against Asif Zardari so far, he said adding Imran Khan is leveling such allegation against Asif Zardari which could not be proved since the last three decades.
Imran Khan who is alleging that the children of others are studying abroad should tell his own children are being brought up where.

He underlined nation is demanding Imran Khan should render account of economic disaster. Imran Khan who talked for providing containers to opposition for protest has descended upon hurling threats. When he will give account of inflation, economic destruction and unemployment.

He underscored the indication given by opposition for staging protest has left Imran Khan screaming.

Imran Khan is still weeping that he was not given time to speak in the assembly he said adding Imran Khan waved his hand in assembly the way Pervez Musharraf had waved his fist.
He said “ we remind you Pervez Musharraf has committed crime of abrogating the constitution twice. All the institutions are with Imran Khan. If he has courage then he should bring back Pervez Musharraf and bring him to justice.