Negotiation sole option to resolve Kashmir issue: Masood


Khizar Hayat Abbasi,

MUZAFFARABAD:     Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan has advised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to read the writing on the wall, and instead of ignoring the facts, adopt the course of dialogue to resolve the long outstanding Kashmir conflict.

“The Kashmir conflict and the struggle of Kashmiri people for the attainment of their fundamental right of self-determination, are a historical reality, which the Indian rulers cannot conceal through their fraudulent stance and means,” he said.

While strongly condemning an attempt by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the Maldives parliament to link the Kashmir liberation struggle to terrorism, the AJK president said that people of the state have been resisting the Indian occupation forces since October 27, 1947.

He asserted that martyrdoms of more than 500,000 Kashmiri people and the presence of 800,000 Indian troops in occupied Kashmir were a proof that the people of Jammu and Kashmir were fighting a war of freedom from the army of an aggressor country, and that their struggle had nothing to do with terrorism or extremism.

The AJK president described Kashmir conflict, as an outcome of India’s constant denial of the legitimate and the internationally recognized right of self-determination of the Kashmiri people, and said that peace and security of South Asia would remain a dream till the resolution of Kashmir issue in line with the wishes of Kashmiri people, international laws and the UN resolutions.

He called upon the United Nations, UK, United States, France, Russia, and China to get the Kashmir issue resolved through political and diplomatic means to ensure peace in South Asia. He said that in spite of all-out perpetration of oppression and repression by India, the freedom-loving people of Jammu and Kashmir are determined to continue their liberation struggle till its success, and no power on the earth could stop them from their legitimate and just struggle.

While castigating India for keeping an important liberation leader Musharraf Alam Butt in the custody of an Indian intelligence agency, the AJK president demanded the immediate and unconditional release of all Kashmiri political leaders and activists.

He said that prolonged detention of political figures and activists in prisons and torture cells on false and unfounded grounds is the worst political vengeance and the grave human rights violation. He urged the international human rights organizations to take strong notice of human rights trampling in occupied Kashmir.