Failed revolutionary Sarkar has broken back of poor masses: Senator Sherry Rehman


ISLAMABAD:      PPP Senator Sherry Rehman has said failed revolutionary “Sarkar” has broken the beck of poor masses by scaling up the prices of petroleum products by 20 percent within 9 months.

She said this in a statement issued here Saturday. She held the failed government has given nothing else than price hike and unemployment to the people in 9 months.

She underlined that the prices of petroleum products have gone down in international market by 3 percent.

On one side oil prices are falling in international market and on the other side petroleum products prices are rising in Pakistan day by day, she added.

Sherry Rehman said government is adding to the problems and sense of deprivation of the people. People are already opposed to the government.

It seems as if petroleum products prices are being hiked a few days before budget at the behest of IMF, She observed. What expulsion has come before government under which petrol bomb shell has been dropped on people again, she questioned.