Qureshi calls for constitution of inquiry commission by UN to probe into Indian atrocities on people of Kashmir


Makka Mukarma:     Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said UN should constitute inquiry commission to probe into Indian troops atrocities on people of Kashmir and OIC Contact Group should review persistently deteriorating situation in Kashmir.

He said this while speaking on Kashmir and Palestine situation during. OIC Session

He underlined India is perpetrating atrocities on minorities every where including Occupied Kashmir;. Bids are being made to suppress right to self determination to Kashmiris. Human rights situation in Indian held Kashmir is highly grave and senior Kashmiri leadership is facing continuous detentions and imprisonment.

He stated that Indian Occupation Forces have been given free hand to do whatever they will in Occupied Kashmir. Situation in Kashmir is continuously heading towards deterioration. Therefore, UN should constitute inquiry commission to probe into Indian brutalities. OIC Contact Group should also review ever worsening situation in Occupied Kashmir.

Shah Mehmood said Pakistan wants peaceful solution to Kashmir conundrum. People of Palestine are being subjected to Israeli’s tyrannies and brutalities constantly. Pakistan will not sit mute over the plight of people of Palestine.

Strongly denouncing the atrocities being perpetuated on people of Palestine Shah Mehmood said Pakistan stands with people of Palestine and wants an independent state of Palestine. World should recognize Palestine with its pre-1967 borders.

He thanked secretary general OIC for convening important session of Jammu and Kashmir contact group. The overwhelming support from participants is source of comfort and encouragement. The incidents on targeting Kashmiris by extremist Hindus have increased following Pulwama incident. 2018 proved the worst ever year in the perspective of Indian state terrorism.

He remarked “ two NGOs have stated gruesome details of Indian state terrorism in their reports. Jammun and Kashmir is old outstanding issue on UN agenda. OIC contact group should reiterate its support to grant right to self determination to people of Kashmir in unequivocal terms.

He reiterated demand that OIC contact group should send fact finding mission.