Dilapidated roads in rural Sindh


Letter to Editor,

The dilapidated roads of rural Sindh are constantly augmenting hardships and fermentation of people. Deteriorating roads not only disconnect rural areas from the towns and big cities but also breed afflictions to the farmers and growers in bringing seed, fertilizer, and their products from their fields to the markets. People from rural areas are deprived of basic health facilities therefore they take to their patients to nearest city hospitals for the treatment, they have to face great difficulties in any emergency because there is no convenience of transport, their roads are broken as a result compulsorily they have to depend on quacks for medication, hence the threaten of epidemic begins. Spoiled and damaged roads also sometimes caused the accidents which double the sufferings of people. The inclination of people to migrate from rural to urban areas is also increasing due to such Insufficient facilities.

Another destructive undying is that due to tumble-down roads teachers avoid to be present in their schools regularly and the future of the new generation is being ventured. Inattention of such issues are repelling our rural areas into deep well of misery and backwardness. The first thing is that roads are not constructed in downtrodden sides if it was constructed, disjointed weeks after its finalization due to wider use of bad material. I want to add here an example of the area where I belong to, there is a road linked with Larkana -khairpur bridge which connects so many villages and some other high profile places just as moen jo daro, cadet college larkana, Rice research institute Dokri, en route Badah and Naseer abad towns it inosculates the indus high way. The condition of this important road spoiled soon after its construction, neither elected representatives nor provincial works and services department officials are taking interest in its reappearance. Therefore, people have to suffer a distressful situation.

Unavailability of roads is a setback to our economy, education and health reforms. Government of Sindh particularizes a huge amount to construct and repair the roads in every budget but condition of the roads and ways is still unchanged. The government should take some immediate measures to ameliorate condition of roads in rural areas of the province and transparently scrutinize where the previous budgets were spent.

-Gulzar Ali Panhwar