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We are going to IMF program under need of hour: Sheikh Rashid

LAHORE:      Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said going to IMF is compulsion of time.

“ Going to IMF program is time compulsion. The erstwhile rulers are responsible for escalating prices of atta, ghee and sugar. Those who want to divide Pakistan on ethnic and sectarian basis are enemy of Pakistan”, he said this while addressing a press conference in Railway headquarters here Saturday.

He held PML-N is demanding removal of chairman NAB because they want NAB should not take any action against them. Those who have plundered national wealth are targeting NAB.

He went on to say AIDS is spreading in Sindh fast and this has happened for the first time in the world that AIDS virus is found in children in large number while their mother have not contracted this deadly disease. This is shame for Sindh government.

Calling for resignation from Sindh health minister he said Sindh government is responsible for HIV Aids spreading in Sindh. If Sindh government does not resign then provincial health minister should resign. On the other hand not a single children hospital has been constructed in Larkana.

Those who want to divide Pakistan on ethnic, racial and sectarian basis are enemy of the country, he underlined.

Dubbing the year 2020 as year of problems he said that Pakistan should remain careful as trying time like Iraq and Iran can befall Pakistan.

Talking about Indian premier Modi he said Modi will try to dismember Pakistan from within while he has given not a single seat to Muslims nor has he sought votes from the Muslims in recently held general elections in India.

He stated 3 special trains will be run on the eve of Eid while inauguration of Sir Syed Express has been postponed for 15 days for want of a part of machinery. The recruitments in Railway are being made on merit and all the divisions have been allowed to do so. Wherever merit norms are violated action will be taken against respective DSO.

He said railway report will be presented before people before June 30.

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