Security and conflict profile of FATA

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Mian Majid Ali Afzal,
The crisis and conflicts in the remote tribal areas of Pukhtuns in Pakistan have become a
topic of debate amongst the historian, political analyst, legal-constitutional experts and
officials who have clashed of opinion regarding the multipronged crisis and conflicts in the
region and its solutions. Although, since the creation of Pakistan, the legal and political
confusion has been existed in this region but exacerbated after 9/11 terrorist attack in
America, as the region become the base camp for national and international terrorist
organizations. The growth of Pakistani Taliban in FATA after 2001 formed Tarikh e Taliban
Pakistan in December 2007 in Waziristan was also the result of political-power vacuum in the
tribal areas accommodating radical Muslim groups to emerge. However, by the end of 2018,
according of PM Imran Khan, Pakistan has sacrificed around about 75000 people in the
terrorist war and lost over USD $ 123 billion. Consequently, the people fled the FATA to
take refuge in adjoining KP province and rest of the country while Washington exacerbated
drone attacks to target militant in the region. As the crisis, conflicts and insecurity has been
emerged in the region which forced the people to move to another safe place of Pakistan.
There is a bit comprehension among the concerned government quarters that the standing
crisis and conflicts are due to indeterminate political  and legal status of FATA which
provides conducive milieu to local, national and international militants to come and have
bases in the FATA. On the other hand, several proposals have been debated among the
experts and civil society of FATA but the most debated and recommended have been,
merging the FATA with KP province. The merging of FATA with KP has been demand by
the pakhtuns nationalist party led by the ANP arguing to merge FATA with KP main one
territorial entity. The regime of General Pervaz Musharraf bred the idea to merge the two
Pukhtun's entities FATA and KPK owing to legal and administrative benefits. This merging
concept would change the entire structure of Pakistani federation by increasing in size and
population. On the other side, many tribesmen along with their representative bodies  as well
as associations have rigorously rejected the idea of merging with KP. However, the reason of
rejection within tribal areas has been based on the argument that it would replicate on corrupt
system of political agent with a more corrupt system of police and Pakistani courts. In the
view of many independent analyst, this merging concept may boost further conflicts among
the messes on the division of opportunities and resources. The most of people of KPK have
opposed the merger of FATA within their province fearing of unbearable burdens on the
already taters, infrastructure of the province. Despite this, there are many claims from the
government and political parties to address the prolonged issue's  of FATA but there is no
progress expect merging FATA with KP. In the meanwhile, Islamabad and US financial
support set on an ambition FATA Sustainable Development Plan 2006-2015. Furthermore,
the civil bureaucracy has opposed  to give political, constitutional and legal status go FATA.
However, within the educated messes of FATA , the realization, of redefining status of
FATA and making it functional part of Pakistan, is growing. Owing to the million of IDPs,
FATA had been facing many crisis and conflicts in  the region. Making FATA a separate
province has become a indispensable to resolve multidimensional issues of the FATA.
Although a final reason has been taken to merge  FATA with KP but it wouldn't root out the
main cause   to give definite political, legal and administrative vacuum giving definite  status
to FATA.
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