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Quantum leap


(Srinagar based Life style diseases and Management -Dietitian and Writer),

Often the happiness which makes me go insane after it ,makes me chase /run/yearn it left me struggling it all alone in a feel of moment which may or may not I have felt .
Amateur life makes us succumb to all of those times when it seems as flashlight,echoes,rainbows and what not .The fierce mass ready to appear behind iron bars to the era where the unheard echoes even seems practical for itself is at a time a journey where you no more even sigh.
A landmark whose search makes you a lamp post .
A spontaneous roll on sometimes takes you where you feel you are a Cinderella and sometimes a dormouse . Bare-feet the spring dew passing through the dried rust colored piercing leaves. Continuous state of metamorphosis to finally attain a state so as to accept a lost state among the valley of wolves . A complete refurbished aura to make the sky smell how solaceful the roses possessed by one are in existence .
Holding the existence of shadows even so close than the object whose shadows they become The phase where it makes no sense to a phase its the most pleasurable existence.
Both the gloom and joy composed of two colors which neither will last nor will pause
In this caravan of life leaving behind ,the regret to loose battles sometimes within and sometimes around, now aroused as a factual reality than fictional mystery . I learned to live without the joys and tears, Life! ,leaving no trail of aloof life making the still glass to resemble a concoction whose components are unclear and blurred in view still,may be the essentiality of the upper component being there I cannot still view ,still time to go grey and unfold the black and white wings among the multicolored prism . Some stories where the eye was moist and yearned for the same seem now as stories . A coast where the magnitude hardly matters ,just the surface area to hold the feet and make the sand dunes matter most.
What I found all in it may be the scripted lyrics needed the much long awaited duration to get completed in their own charm and rhythm rather being least apparently.

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