LHC accepts bail plea of Aleem Khan, former provincial minister


LAHORE:     Lahore High Court (LHC) has approved bail plea of PTI  leader Aleem Khan.

A two members bench of LHC presided over by Justice Baqir Ali Najfi took up bail plea of Aleem Khan for hearing Wednesday.
The court ordered the former provincial minister to furnish two surety bonds worth Rs1 million each.
Justice Baqir inquired during the hearing of the case the accused is on what remand.

Counsel for NAB said the accused is in jail on judicial remand.

The NAB counsel started reading out the statements of witnesses on allegations regarding accumulation of assets beyond known sources of income.

NAB counsel said Aleem Khan has showed price of land less.

Justice Ali Baqir remarked this all has been written by Aleem Khan in the declaration. Tell us if he had sources.

NAB counsel said statement of the person who has made assessment is available.

Justice Ali Baqir remarked “ tell us in the way that so much money has come from abroad, so much money came from such accounts.

The investigation officer said money was transferred from outside Pakistan.

Justice Ali Baqir Najfi inquired was this money illegal.

The investigation officer told the court there is no source of father and mother of Aleem Khan in Pakistan. Father and mother of Aleem Khan were government employees. Aleem Khan could not explain his position in respect of Rs 5 million. Accountant of Aleem Khan also said in his statement that the amount was sent abroad through hundi.

Counsel for Aleem Khan said NAB has to prove through documents that assets were beyond known sources of income. The allegation of accumulation of assets beyond known source of income can not be leveled on the basis of statements of witnesses.

NAB presented details of dubious bank transactions and investment of Aleem Khan in the court.

NAB investigation officer said there is no balance between sources of income and expenses. Assets of several millions have not been shown.

Counsel for Aleem Khan said Aleem Khan was arrested unduly in the case pertaining to accumulation of assets beyond known sources of income. NAB has failed to prove any allegation so far in investigation. NAB is not filing reference for want of evidence.

NAB Prosecutor said solid evidence are there against Aleem Khan.

Justice Ali Baqir inquired from NAB counsel what is position of his investigation.

NAB counsel said investigation is underway. We can not tell time when it will be completed. Reference is in the phase of preparation. Investigation report will be finalized soon.

The court after hearing the arguments accepted bail plea of Aleem Khan.