Doctors strike: KTH administration registers FIR against associate professor


Peshawar:    Situation has became more tense among hospital administration, KP government and Doctors because on one hand KP doctors Consul has given call for strike and on other hand Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) administration has registered FIR against Associate Professor Surgery Dr. Zia Uddin Afridi.

Provincial police have refused to register FIR against Minister of Health KP

A declaration issued by Doctors Consul said that OPDs, Operation Theater and wards will be kept closed in all hospitals. Except emergency no other duty will be performed in hospitals. . General body meting of KP Doctors has been called in front of KTH hospital.

In declaration they further added that on May 16 there will be lockdown in Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) Peshawar as well..

KP doctors also blamed that they were manhandled in police station after they were called therein in the name of negotiation.

KTH administration has got registered FIR against Dr Zia Uddin Afridi.

When doctors tried to register FIR against KP health minister, a clash between police and doctors occurred. . Police had said the they cannot register FIR without medico legal reportt