Letter to the Editor,

AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) Syndrome means a collection of symptoms related to a single classified disease. HIV aids means a disease in which human immune system which protects human body from different infection may slow down and couldn’t control the infections in body. HIV spreading in Pakistan, Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) also transfers via infected pregnant women to their babies during pregnancy or delivery even when infected mother starts breast feeding. The HIV epidemic in Pakistan remains largely concentrated among the key populations, including people who inject drugs, the transgender community, sex workers and their clients and homosexuality.

In year 2016,Karachi Pakistan’s biggest city tops the province in the number of HIV and AIDS patients, core statistics revealed in Sindh Aids Control Program (SACP) 20 years report show. According to the report, more than 10,652 patients were registered in Sindh, 71 percent or 7,620 patients belong to Karachi, followed by 1,330 from Larkana and 302 from Hyderabad.more than 73 foreigners and 304 patients belong to different areas of the country were also registered by the SACP. Recently according to the National Health Service Report, there are more than 150,000 HIV positive patients in the country 75,000 in Punjab and 15,000 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Smilarly officials to the HIV Aids Control Programme told that 18 children tested, 12 of them diagnosed HIV positive in the Ratodero a Tahseel of Larkana district , now after scaning of one week above 130 cases registered here in tahseel Ratodero. Larkana continues top of the list of districts which are most affected by HIV in Sindh, in Larkana according to a private TV channel report the number of AIDS patients have surpassed now with more than 2,500 patients. it is said that recent disconcerting situation arose due to extended use of same syringe by quackery or non professional persons in Larkana and its adjoining areas including Ratodero tehseel, the election constituency of ex PPP chairperson and prime minister shaheed Mohtruma Benazir Bhutto, currently Ratodero comes in the constituency of PPP chairman Bilwal bhutto zardari , Dr Azra fazal pechuho sister of former president Asif Ali zardari is sitting provincial health minister and Larkana as a whole considered strong fortress to PPP and from more than 10 years there is a robust reign of this party in the province even than they have failed to provide proper health facilities to their basic and native constituencies , what would become of other places. Sindh government must take hard steps to convey information and awareness to people about this fetal disease, health department should launch a large operation with the help of rangers against quackery and preclude their clinics from rest of the province.

-Gulzar Ali Panhwar