Happy Mother’s day!


Letter to the Editor,


On this Mother’s day lets also take stock of the image of suffering mother which determines how mothers have to be a certain way for her children. Motherly love is natural, and probably no one other than a mother can understand the feeling from inside, but associating particular roles, performances and duties with that stereotype of motherly love is as reductive as it is a social intrusion into the very personal. The popular culture and literary image of a suffering mother who has to sacrifice her whole being and dreams for her children is nothing other than adding to the troubles of women. Also, it needs to be reiterated that a woman doesn’t need to be a mother to be complete. A woman is a complete being in herself without any reference to her children or lack thereof, an idea which the civilization of 21st century still finds hard to grasp. Both of these ideas, that a mother doesn’t have to be suffering to be a mother and that a woman doesn’t need to be a mother to justify her existence, are two [unfortunately radical] ideas in this day in need of representation and translation into our imagination, social mores and values.

-Syed Ali Jawad