Vote for those who can better serve the society: Amjid Shah

GROEN Party all set to participate in elections,

Rasheed Ahmed,

Brussels: Amjid shah, candidate no 13 for the Flemish parliament has said that the people should come out in a big way and use their franchise to elect representatives who they think could better serve the society.

Talking to Daily Parliament Times here on Tuesday Shah said that he was in touch with all the communities. “It is the beauty of democracy that people choose representatives of their own choice through vote and while voting all that people need to do is to elect those people that will really do something for them and the society at large”, he said adding that people must wholeheartedly join the process and vote for betterment and good future of their kids.

Referring to his party he said, “GROEN is all set to participate in election 26 May 2019”. About the party’s future agenda Shah said GROEN party’s 10-point agenda is very clear and ambitious. “If GROEN party wins the elections we will implement the ten-point agenda in letter and spirit as GROEN always believed in transparency and serving common people by encouraging and empowering their skill to make a self-sufficient society.

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