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Status of women in Pakistan

In our society majority of women are suffering various kinds of injustice, oppressiveness and inhumanity on every step. Their social, political, educational, Maternal and other basic rights are being ruthlessly snatched, although no one can refute this fact that woman of our society is playing a glorious role in the development of different sectors of the country including agriculture, health, handicraft and education. But despite being all of these facts equal opportunities and rights are not given to the women, they always victimised of deprive to privilege, subjugate and subordinate of men. “According to Wollstonecraft if society is to achieve sexual equality or gender justice, then provide to women with the same political right and economic opportunities as well as the same education that men enjoy”. Women do not have freedom making decision, offering the equal education, and other social cultural right to enjoy, women also dispossessed from their property shares. The Question arising why she suffered such a great inequality everywhere in the society why she is observed paralyzed Due to issues of equality and equity based on gender, gender expression, gender identity, sex, and sexuality as understood through social theories and political activism. Even though the women status and function are multiple determined by their role not only production but also reproduction”, women perform a variety of function in society, she plays role in production sector, she is active member of house work her participation is incredible too.

She is a part of economic activities but her bestowed ignorance ever work place also in house in shape of inferiority or gender inequality. Similarly two main factor of women suffering the capitalism and patriarchy system, one hand capitalism oppress women as worker, gives low wage and lower staff no high posts was being allocated to women, she works under the male. On the other hand patriarchy oppresses women as women, that effect on women identity show marginalize in the society, it means powerless gender some stereotypes are worked effectively. Here is same system functioning in our society particularly in rural Sindh, women are always considered nothing all kinds of power and authorities are in the hands of men, despite being an active member of agriculture sector women participate in economic production sector but their share is not counted just because she is a woman, simultaneously woman is playing a major role in forming land and harvesting, nevertheless remain invaluable there due to gender bias. One hand she has not any significant position or status in society on the other hand many so called traditional forceful limitations deployed on her. Honour killing has become a malediction to our society, according to media sources a large number of women are being relentlessly killed every year. Another horrible and dangerous thing is common here in our society that in tribal jirigas a Woman is given as a murder compensation, which evil and immodesty is beyond this, instead of punishing a criminal, under age daughters and sisters are given as compensation. In such circumstances sometime married women are also abducted from absconding killer’s home and brought to jiriga to hand over the other side as murder compensation. Incidents of Sexual harassment and assaulting also increased it seems such incidents have become a daily routine, countless women have to bear multifarious wreaks and nefariousness of their zealot husbands and other relatives. Government and it’s institutions for women welfare have completely disappeared and disabled to protect women and their rights. One thing should keep in minds that the dream of a prosperous and progressed society cannot come true without giving complete equal rights to women in every walk of life.

-Gulzar Ali Panhwar

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