Bado Jabal: A neglected natural resort of Sindh

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By Dr.Abdul Razak Shaikh,

Bado Jabal is a Hill Station of Sindh, Pakistan. It is situated at an elevation of 3000 ft (914 m) in the Kirthar Mountains, 65 km (40 mi) southwest of Sehwan city of Jamshoro district. It is an attractive place for nature-lovers due to its pleasant weather and beautiful surroundings as it is adjacent to several beautiful Plateaus and mountains of the Kirthar Ranges. Adjacent to the Bado there is a very beautiful oasis named Kaai where one can enjoy the cool shade of dense trees and springs of water.

Bado Jabal (Mountain), or Badro Jabal, is a peak of Kirthar range that separates Sindh from Baluchistan. Bado Jabal is a large plateau approximately 3250 ft high above mean sea-level (some people says its height is 3500 ft). The weather at the hill in summer is very pleasant, with moderate temperatures during the day, dropping to slightly chilly at night. In winter, however, the temperature goes down to almost 0-degree centigrade. Ariel view of Bado presents a beautiful view of a valley. The area is surrounded by arid mountains with small green pastures at certain points. Bado Jabal is also famous for availability of Unani plants called Paneer.

Though road conditions from Sehwan Sharif towards Bado Jabal are not in good condition, you can easily drive the car toward the top of the mountain. Further south a network of jeep-able tracks connect the deep area of hills with blacktop road. During the rainy season, various streams of water can be observed flowing throughout the area. Every footstep at Bado Jabal is scenic, and Manchar lake can also be seen from Bado Jabal.

From Karachi, take the N-55 highway towards Sehwan. Just a few kilometers before Sehwan Sharif, turn left – just before the canal. Continue on Bhit Airport Road towards Kai. About 2 km after Kai, turn left on the arterial road off Bhit Airport road and drive towards Bado Jabal.

The temperature difference between Sehwan and Bado Jabal is 7-11c. The temperature is 20-35c in summer and -2 to +15c in winter.

It is an amazing place. Bado Jabal also has a lot of gas and oil reserves which are currently being extracted by a Multi-National company. There are many native villages at Bado Jabal but they are all undeveloped. They have no electricity, gas and water supply. Years ago work started to develop Bado Jabal. The multinational oil-gas company started work for a school, hospital, etc but the work never completed and the structures of School, hospital and other buildings stand partially completed (only cemented) since years.

There are large deposits of best quality marble commercially known as golden and coral marbles along the hills. Centuries-old kai caves are a popular tourist attraction but owing to non-availability of transport and other facilities, ordinary visitors are unable to frequent these caves.

In the past, the former PPP-led provincial Government under late Chief Minister Syed Abdullah Shah father of Present Chief Minister had shown an interest to develop schemes including Chest Diseases Hospital, a police training center, and rest House at Bado Jabal and scenic Kai caves. In fact, he had even launched a few projects but due to the apathetic approach of successive governments, these schemes were

Discarded without being completed.

Manchar lake can also be seen from Bado Jabal. Sehwan annual attracts millions of people, imagine if we can develop Bado Jabal. It would boom Sindhs tourism industry. Gorakh, Kirthar National Park, Khudabad, Amri Jo Daro, Ranikot, Manchar, Hala and Bhittshah is some tourist spots within a 150km radius of Bado Jabal.

Tourism is one of the best sources of revenue for a country and God has blessed Pakistan with such exotic and rare natural beauty, but unfortunately, our government has failed to develop such beautiful places. The Government should take interest and take initiatives to develop Goarakh hill station and Bado Jabal completely to attract foreign and local tourists by providing fundamental needs and facilities such as wide and straight roads, public transport, 5 Star hotels, motels, chair lifts, zoos, and parks, etc. There is an utmost need for a market like Murree’s Mall Road, a residential area, an educational institute, and a mountain safari. A website containing comprehensive information about the hill is essential. In this way, we can develop our tourism industry and can generate an income of millions of rupees annually.

I would like to draw the attention of Honourable Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah towards a beautiful worth seeing place BUDO JABAL.

Bado Jabal is a hill station of Sindh Pakistan, an attractive place due to pleasant weather and several beautiful plateaus, Where one can enjoy cool breezes and very pleasant weather when down in Sehwan temperature reaches up to 50 Celsius in the blazing month of May to August.

As this area originally belongs to Chief Minister of Sindh, therefore, he must take efforts to provide facilities to the tourists so that they may go and enjoy the natural beauty of our beloved Sindh. The people of the province will like Goarakh Hill and Budo Jabal as a Muree of Punjab. I have already written about Gorakh hill, which is the same way beautiful and attractive like Muree.


Dr.Abdul Razzak Shaikh

MBBS; MAS (Master in Health Services Management)

Retired from Health Department Govt. of Sindh / Writer

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