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Poverty in Pakistan

Letter to the Editor;

This world is temporary even though everyone wants a good home, good dress, good food as well as everyone is running after money.

Some people are rich and some are poor, according to Islam if we are poor ,we should keep patience and if we are rich we have to be thankful for what Allah has given because the who has  patience and shows gratitude to Allah will be rewarded here and hereafter this is what we firmly believe as being a Muslim. So far as the poverty in our country is concerned there are a number of reasons which grow seeds of Poverty.

  1. People are greedy; it is said that greed is a worst witch, in our country it has born many babies. 2: spending money in useless things; I see people who have no food to eat but they don’t hesitate in purchasing butter leaves, butter nuts gutka, snuff, cigarettes etc. Some people have no home to live in even then they use mobiles and other devices. 3 Diseases: Health is wealth but now a days wealth is health, as you know if any rich ails, he goes to a good hospital but if any poor man ails he is compelled to get himself or herself treated in government hospitals. Although there are facilities available but the poor continue to suffer due to negligence of doctors, nurses. And sometimes the poor ones get abused by doctors. 4: Illiteracy is yet another problem: Financially well off families get their children enrolled and educated in best schools but how can a poor child go to school if he has to sell berries? 5: Negligence of officers and ministers: I saw a man looking poor came in Office of NADRA in order to get Nic ,NADRA officer said him to pay Rs 2500 for NIC ,think a poor man Earns RS 300 per day ,so how can he pay RS 2500? The issue of poverty in our country can be resolved only if Government of the day helps poor people and makes a sincere effort to alleviate their sufferings.

-M.Haroon Jatoi

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