Journey to achieve goal of a new Pakistan kicks off says Punjab CM

LAHORE:    Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that Pakistan has started its journey towards the destination of a new Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. We are working day and night to come up to the expectations of the nation because midnight oil has to be burnt so that the fruits of change could reach to the people. People will get rid of the problems and the change will come.

He was talking to assembly members at his office on Wednesday. The Chief Minister said that no obstruction will be allowed to hinder the agenda of national development and prosperity of the people. The destiny of the people will be transformed by fulfilling the promise of change. The 22 crore people of Pakistan are well aware that who wasted national resources in the name of exhibitory projects and the plunderers of hard-earned money of the people will have to be accountable for their deeds, he added. Usman Buzdar regretted that national exchequer was mercilessly looted during the previous tenures and the reason that Pakistan is lagging behind other nations is corruption and inefficiencies of the past rulers. The bank balances of those who bankrupted the country were increased but the country could not move forward. He said that the former government is responsible for the deteriorated economic conditions but the incumbent government is working hard to strengthen the economy. It is satisfying that the national economy is improving due to the solid policies adopted by the PTI government, he added. A composite program has been launched to improve the quality of life of the people. He regretted that the past governments showed criminal negligence by ignoring the problems of the general public. Our government is going to introduce a new local bodies system to help solve the problems of the citizens at their doorsteps. We have come into power to serve the masses and we don’t have any other peculiar agenda like that of past rulers. The foundations of the country were weakened due to the corruption of previous tenures, he said. He said that the PTI government has laid the foundation of a transparent and vibrant Pakistan as corruption has been decreased and transparency is enhanced in the country. We do not believe in slogans and political jargons as practical steps are taking by us to serve the people, concluded the Chief Minister.

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