Youth of AJK is educated but still jobless, Reforms in Govt and private sector needed: Dr. Ghashia Younas Khan

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Mirpur: (Parliament Times) Youth Activist Dr. Ghashia Khan highlighted the current challenges in Unemployment sector in a letter to President, Youth Parliament Pakistan Mr. Ubaid Qureshi. She said; Youth in Kashmir is subjected to various challenges and struggles. It is very hard for them to keep up with the pace of rapidly changing world. One of the biggest issue they are facing is of Unemployment. It is a great blessing of Allah that the valley of Kashmir holds a good literacy rate and everyone strives for higher education. Youth of Azad Kashmir is intelligent, capable and hardworking but lack the right direction. Mr. President your contribution from the platform of Youth Parliament for the Young Generation is remarkable. You gathered educated youth and divert their attention towards Policy making for their better future through
the awareness, advocacy and empowerment. I hope that you and your team will deliver best in future.
Every year thousands of Kashmir students are graduated. But even after getting a good degree, they are wandering here and there for jobs. Kashmir is full of beauty of sight but lacks in industries and private
firms. There are no valuable jobs in private sector. That is why most of the people strive for government jobs. For single vacancy, four to six thousands applications are received. Moreover, in Federal and Civil
Services the quota of AJK is very less. That’s why only few lucky people get their fortune in these services.
Another major issue is lack of quality education. Although there is a huge number of government as well as private schools and colleges yet they only focus on number instead of quality. Each class in good
government schools has more than 50 students which makes it very hard for the teachers to manage.
Therefore, planning for quality education is required. Moreover, curriculum development and extracurricular activities also need good attention. Student Unions play a crucial role in development of political and social acumen in youth. The ban on these unions was not praiseworthy act instead was contributing negative. Henceforth, the government lifted the ban. But this notification has remained just
as a piece of paper so far and practically unions are still facing hurdles. There is need to let these unions work for their free will which leads to development of sense of responsibility towards the society. These
unions provide a platform to the youth where they can present their opinions and fight for their rights. Their activities can be monitored but must be allowed to pursue the projects that contribute to the betterment of society.

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