ACS (General) AJK says leadership qualities bear through effective educational system


Muzaffarabad: (Parliament Times) Additional Chief Secretary (General) Azad government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir Farhat Ali Mir has said that it was need of the hour to create good human resources having leadership qualities through effective educational system.Our educational system is not competing the challenges we are facing in the world and all spite of this our literacy rate is higher in the region.
Addressing the annual awards distribution ceremony in a local private school, Farhat Ali Mir said that it was need of the hour to focus on technical education.
He said AJK government was spending most of its annual budget on education sector.He said once a time education was a mission and it was not considered a job provider.He pointed out the reason behind high ratio of literacy in AJK is that parents spend more on education of their children then their own desires.
Secretary Information,Tourism and Information Technology Midhat Shahzad while addressing the audiences, said education plays vital role in development of a nation.She praised the Shaheen College for good training of the students along with the education.


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