Thar coal mine can be a game changer for Pakistani economy, Chamber of small Traders


Islamabad: One (1)-lakh mega watt electricity can be generated consistently up to 2 years with 175- Million tons of coal, Supervisor Small Traders, he more said,
We can decrease oil and gas import bill up to a huge margin ,down the road our country can save millions of dollar up to 25 million dollars ,
The Thar coal mine reservoirs can generate more energy which is much more beneficial as compare to Iran and Saudi oil and gas reserves.
Thar coal mine has energy reservoir more than 68 percent of our country present gas reserve, it cost roughly estimated up to more than 25 billion dollars,
At last he concluded his remarks, that Thar coal mine Is a great asset in the hand s of Pakistan which can solution to as many issues and lower down electricity downfall in country.


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