Small vendor should be indulged in the tax net will be the right decision, Economy watch


Islamabad: Pakistan Economy Watch chairman Brigadier Muhammad Khan has said, the corrupt s peoples from all over the country should be put on the tax net, and impose fixed tax on them.
Decision will be taken as soonest by the consideration of all Traders union.
Wholesalers needed tax implementation according to their shop size and business consumption, without tax the country will not progress, he more said,
We appreciated the government stance on implementing tax on businesses, by this move our country can stabilized the revenue generation by tax.
72 percent of tax is implanted on industrial sector which leads to less growth in the industrial sector that will increase in the unemployment rates among the masses.
Besides that tax authorities harassing vendors will also be decreased, and we also will take Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad suggestion seriously and try to implement it in our system.


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