Appointment of TDAP Chief Executive is a daunting task for Government


ISLAMABAD: Federal Government likely to be appoint new Chief Executive of the TDAP after the gap of almost two years when the former Premier Nawaz Sharif didn’t approve the extension of former Chief Executive SM Muneer due to his bleak performance; where country exports had been drastically dropped up to $ 6 billion.

Secretary General (Federal) of the Businessmen Panel for FPCCI, Ahmad Jawad while talking to media on Friday said Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has lost its relevance because of the country’s changing export base and now the incumbent government is likely to be appoint new Chief Executive of the Authority in few days as the process of the interviews were finished. We hope a dynamic person would assume the command of this organisation which is much needed for the business community.

He said the objective of the establishment of TDAP in 2006 was to
facilitate exports. Over the years, the organisation has turned from being an export promotion department into an event management company, as there are 13 sub-offices of the authority across Pakistan.

Though the authority has failed to deliver on its mandate in previous years mainly because of alleged corruption, wrong priorities and changing export patterns over the years.

I think the government should reform TDAP after the appointment of new Chief Executive, he suggested, adding that spending millions of rupees on foreign visits will not promote exports. The focus should be on the domestic market and its supply chain, Jawad stated.

As TDAP did not pay attention to the supply side and domestic commerce, he said. Top officials of TDAP and the Ministry of Commerce are the major beneficiaries of TDAP’s foreign trips.


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